We’re very excited to introduce the innovative Windsor Knife, manufactured by Core Surgical and designed by Richard Packard. The knife is designed to create a symmetrical wound that requires minimal stromal hydration to seal.

If you currently use a single bevel blade for multi-plane incisions, there will be little difference needed in technique when using the Windsor Knife. However, please be aware that due to the unique configuration of the blade it may feel slightly different from your usual keratome.

This video demonstrates the creation of a main incision during cataract surgery.

This video demonstrates the creation of a side-port incision during cataract surgery.

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Chandelier illumination provides true bimanual manipulation during vitreoretinal surgery.

Our flexible chandelier solution is fitted with a flexible light fibre. This provides global visibility of the fundus for all surgical maneuvers in the posterior segment.

All chandelier illuminators from Oertli offer one-step access through a quick trocar-based solution in either 3-or 4-port vitrectomy surgeries. Due to the reliable snap-lock connection an accurate fixation into any Oertli Caliburn trocar is ensured. The surgeon can expect an extra wide and homogeneous illumination, as well as postoperative tight sclerotomies.

All light instruments have a comfort magnetic connector to the posterior platforms.

For more information please download the brochure:

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