A versatile platform

The OS 4 by Oertli is a powerfully efficient all-in-one platform for cataract, glaucoma and vitreoretinal surgery. As a versatile and user-specific OR device, the OS 4 operates as an extension of the hand of the surgeon and carries out his orders and intuitions perfectly.

Next Generation OS4

The new surgical platform offers an enormous advance in eye surgery, providing even more speed, precision and safety than its previous generation. The all-in-one platform has received numerous other exciting features that provide greater application comfort, precision and safety.

  • Laser integration: More safety, fully automated laser-user protection filter
  • Light: 45% more power, maximum visibility
  • Pedal: Multi-functional with over 100 setting options
  • Phaco: Speedier readiness, greater controllability
  • User comfort: Even more user-friendly and communicative
  • Fluidics: Unique 3-pump system

Find out more about the fluidics, the powerful pedal, the three pump system, GoodLight LED technology and many other features that make the OS 4 different.