EYE PACKS are comprehensive, pre-packed procedure kits that provide the tools for ophthalmic surgery. The pack includes the instruments and consumables you require to complete the surgery, such as syringes, gauze, and drapes, and can include Oertli consumables such as cassettes, Phaco tips, etc.


EYE PACKS offer obvious benefits in the operating environment such as the reduction in theatre preparation time, errors and the contribution to a stress-free surgical outcome. Add to these benefits the flexibility of a local manufacturer with the ability to substitute components, reduce minimum quantities and offer a responsive service.

EYE PACKS create efficiency, accuracy and result in a cost reduction:

  • Reduce theatre preparation time, errors and contribute to a stress-free surgical outcome.
  • Consolidate all your consumables into a single pack, which means less time spent locating and unpackaging items.
  • Cost saving – less administration and a smaller inventory.
  • Reduce the burden on administrative staff by freeing up their time.
  • Improve accuracy – Perioperative staff need only open a single product, reducing the chance of mix-ups occurring.
  • Optimize ordering, materials management and billing.

What Do We Offer?

We manufacture EYE PACKS to meet specific, customer-determined requirements for cataract and retinal surgery as well as office procedures. Local manufacturing and on-hand stock results in quick and responsive service. Our production is very flexible, and will allow you to order quantities that are as large or as small as your needs require, with no minimum commitment. Our EYE PACKS are highly customisable and we develop the bill of material on an individual customer basis – we understand that no two ORs are exactly alike.

Examples of packs that we currently manufacture:

  • Avastin/IVT Packs
  • Basic Packs
  • Cataract Packs
  • Retina/PPV Packs
  • Chalazion Packs
  • Pterygium Packs

Our eye packs are assembled in our state-of-the-art cleanroom facility built according to ISO standards and we rigorously control production from supplier right through to delivery according to ISO 13485 principles.

Please contact us for a quote on an EYE PACKS built to your specifications:

T +27 (0) 10 007 2431

E info@envisionafrica.co.za

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