Making The Difference With Speep®

The Oertli surgical platform CataRhex 3 demonstrates that great platforms don’t have to be big. With hitherto unachieved compactness weighing only 5 kg, the CataRhex 3 device is geared to mobility and portability – without making any compromises on performance. The CataRhex 3 is newly featured with the unique SPEEP pump, which provides even more flexibility and control. EasyPhaco technology ensures safe and efficient emulsification. Thanks to the HF capsulotomy tip, capsulorhexis has become incredibly easy. In the I/A mode, the SPEEP pump ensures even greater safety. A compressor has been integrated for anterior vitrectomy and in glaucoma surgery, the HFDS application ensures excellent long-term results.

Make the difference – with the CataRhex 3 by Oertli.